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This treatment is a Lifting and Firming Facial that combines Facial Radiofrequency, Electro-Stimulation, Galvanic current and application of the Lifting Serum. This treatment Replenishes and smooths out wrinkles and fine lines with the help of Lifting Face Serums. This treatment helps the skin to look firmer while reshaping and lifting the contours of the face. The Sculpting Facial is a non-invasive treatment that gives you the option for anti-aging in a non-aggressive way.


  • Facial cleansing

  • Lifting Sereum ( Hyaluronic Acid, Bio C Serum or Age Rescue)

  • Galvanic Current

  • Lifting Ginseng peel off mask

  • Facial Radio frequencia

  • Bio Microcurrent- Electro stimulation




Improves skin hydration Improves barrier function of the skin Reduces the appearance of fine lines wrinkles Even skin tone and lightens pigmentation Stimulates collagen production.

  • Facial Cleansing

  • Mask .. Whitening Peel Off Mask, Collagen Peel Off Mask, Gingseng Peel Off Mask                                                                                             (depending on the patient's need)

  • Peeling Aplication (depending on the patient's need)

  • *Cosmelan  *PCA Skin Peeling * INNOAESTHETICS




Combine a Deep cleaning facial with LED Light Therapy Mask. Loved by A-List celebrities is the latest treatment. This exciting brand new treatment is designed to rejuvenate the skin, banish lines and wrinkles, increase hydration. LED light therapy is a clinically proven, painless, non-invasive & affordable treatment

  •  Cleansing Facial

  •  LED light Mask




This customized corrective treatment is for clients seeking what they want to correct age related skin conditions while providing an immediate glow with no down time. This therapy is good for skin rejuvenation, removing facial blemishes, tightening large hair pores, deep cleaning, and improves the flexibility and tone of skin. Treatment also removes scars caused by laser treatment, burns, surgical etc., and removes fine lines, wrinkles, spider veins, acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scars.

  • Cleansing Facial

  • Oxygen Aplication




Learn how to achieve clear and healthy skin with our one-o-one. An evaluation of the skin

will be made, then a facial treatment with soft extractions (if necessary) and a Hidratate

mask. We will provide simple tips to get a clear and safe skin clean all year.



The ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment, this rich facial is infused with Pure 24K Gold and Colloidal Gold to help improve the appearance of firmness and impart an opulent glow. Known from the time of Cleopatra to have powerful anti-aging benefits, 24K Gold helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of skin. This lavish, pampering treatment helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking silky smooth, firmer, radiant, revitalized and youthful.

  • Facial Cleansing

  • Gold Mask Facial



Our signature treatment is customized for you every single time to provide deep cleansing and optimal exfoliation. The treatment include extractions, microdermabrasion, a specific peel off mask, high frequency, collagen veil, Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and can add on Facial Radiofrequency, oxygen, or Ligth Therapy. Together, these steps clear pores and slough away dead skin cells, leading to a clearer complexion, improved texture and more radiant tone.


  • Microdermoabration

  • Vaporization

  • Extraction

  • High frequency

  • Collagen veil

  • Peel off mask

  • Hydration

  • Vitamins and Hyaluronic acid with virtual mesotherapy

  • Facial Radiofrequency, oxygen, or Ligth Therapy



Our basic deep pore-cleansing facial with manual deep pore extractions includes exfoliation,

vaporization, extraction, high frequency and hidration mask.




The anti-acne facial treatment consists of a mixture of tea tree, clay and mint that cleanses your skin and leaves it free of imperfections thanks to the natural active principles that cause a regenerating, desinflammatory and astringent effect. The treatment includes a deep facial cleansing, peeling and Ligth therapy. It is important to mention that the combination of facial treatments can significantly reduce the severity and amount of acne on your face.

  • Deep cleansing Facial

  • Peeling

  • Anti Acne Mask

  • LED ligth Blue Red and Green



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